How to make a contribution to improve the environment in which we live?

Is it possible to do something to impact the environment as little as possible and give a better future?

We at SATI firmly believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make their own contribution aware of the fact that using petroleum-derived products is equivalent to releasing CO2 blocked geological eras ago into the atmosphere (with consequent global warming) and introducing polluting substances into the environment.

Since 2017, the year of construction of the new headquarters, SATI has had a photovoltaic system capable of covering more than the annual energy needs. This allows us to manufacture products and equipment using renewable sources and saving the emission of over 50 tons/year of CO2 into the atmosphere.

In 2018 SATI entered into a collaboration with EQ srl, partner for cutting and molding oils (, joining the STOP OIL project. The oils that have always been used, both emulsifiable and whole, derive from petroleum. Thanks to EQ, SATI has abandoned these oils by switching to bio lubricants obtained from plants and oilseeds suitably disassembled, reduced of the substances that are not suitable and reassembled in order to obtain the characteristics for each specific application (from chip removal to moulding) , biodegradable, free from irritant, carcinogenic, mutagenic and bacterial substances.

Since 2019 SATI has been using plastic-free products for hand cleaning. Pouring microplastics used in hand cleaning pastes into sewers and consequently into the environment is extremely harmful, this has led to the choice of products containing abrasives exclusively of vegetable origin.