Company presentation


ATI hosts the entire production cycle and manages to maintain a high level of fluidity and transparency in the management of orders and customer relations by providing QUALITY and maximum FLEXIBILITY on order variations and modifications to the products.

Since our origins, dating back to 1975, we have been operating in the sheet metal and wire cold stamping sector of medium, medium-small details up to small parts in the following materials:
C15, C30, C35, C40, C45, C60, C67, DC01, DC02, DC03, AISI304, AISI430, 17.7PH, 16CrNi4, 18NiCrMo5, 39NiCrMo3, OT67, Ag, aluminum, titanium.

The process is complete in its entirety, relying on decades of experience.

Production process

The process with which the customer is followed consists of:

CODESIGN so as to be able to combine the manufacturing requirements with the physical-functional characteristics of the detail

PROTOTYPING creating makeshift equipment and developments in order to supply the prototypes with the same material and with the same characteristics that they will have to present in the mass production phase

REALIZATION of stamping and drawing equipment, milling jigs, assembly jigs, functional control gauges, process control gauges

PRODUCTION mass production including any heat and/or surface treatments

ASSEMBLY of groups ready for assembly

DOCUMENTATION supply of raw material certificates, heat treatments, surface treatments, control certificates of the specifications requested by the customer

While ranging in various sectors, we have been present for decades mainly in the firearms sector (mechanism and servo parts) supplying from the prototype to the assembly ready for assembly.


Molds / Equipment / Industrial shearing