This is briefly our history, our foundations:

It was 1975 when the founders Galimberti Aldo and his wife Bovo Bruna together with Bovo Claudio and his wife Del Giovannino Roberta gave birth to our reality by founding the S.A.T.I. by Del Giovannino Roberta and C s.d.f. in a small basement of the property adapted to the occasion.

After a few years, the transfer to a more suitable location for rent, a small shed, the purchase of the first machinery and the arrival of the first collaborators, one of whom in 2019 exceeded 40 years of service.

In 1984 the company took the name of S.A.T.I. di Galimberti Aldo Bovo e C s.n.c. and in 1996 a shed was purchased; in the same year the introduction of the first control machinery for the tooling department took place.

In 2001 the company sees the exit of the partners Bovo Claudio and Del Giovannino Roberta and the entry of Dr. Eng. Galimberti Massimo and Dr. Galimberti Elisa starting the second generation of family management; in the same year the introduction of the first machining centers for the production departments took place.

In 2007, the need for space linked to the company’s growth led to the purchase of a property which was used as a raw material warehouse, medical examination rooms and various machinery warehouses.

In 2008 there was a change in the company name which is still in force today: we become S.A.T.I. s.r.l.

In 2014 a new rustic property was purchased to transfer the expanding business. The rustic purchase decision will prove to be strategic for the organization of the workflow.

In 2017 the Giussano office was completed and the business transferred. Office that allows an optimal organization of work in every aspect. The spaces now available streamline the flow within the company. The photovoltaic system and the heat pumps cover the energy and thermal needs. The adoption of an AED medical device makes the environment cardioprotected.

In 2018, an oil-free policy was adopted, eliminating oils of mineral origin from the production processes and adopting oils of vegetable origin.

In 2019 a microplastic-free policy was adopted by eliminating detergent products containing abrasive plastic microspheres for cleaning hands, replacing them with products containing abrasives of vegetable origin.

In the same year, the company sees the exit of the partners Galimberti Aldo, Bovo Bruna and of Dott.ssa Galimberti Elisa and the entry of Galimberti Matteo who initiates the third generation of family management of the company.

To date we boast a staff of 15 collaborators, in addition to the two owners.

A common thread that has remained firm since the beginning is the care for quality in every phase of the production and for the service offered to the customer from the first contact.

In order to be of high quality, a detail in SATI must, in addition to corresponding to the characteristics of the customer’s design, contain in its history the service given in the co-design and industrialization phase and must be green in the production phase.