Metrology Department

SATI’s industrial metrology department is equipped with the most advanced technologies to ensure measurement accuracy and reliability.
Among these we find the automatic digital optical measurer, which uses laser technology to precisely detect the dimensions of the pieces.
The profile projector, on the other hand, allows you to precisely visualize the shapes and contours of the pieces. For checking the surface and details, the department also has a microscope.
The millesimal gauge is used for measuring precise dimensions, while the hardness tester is used to test the hardness of materials.
All of this equipment is essential to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.

The company’s metrology department and in-house development of process gauges have earned “Free Pass” certificates from their major customers.

This means that the company’s customers have recognized the quality of the in-house developed process controls and gauges, and have confirmed that the company meets the standards required for the production of high quality products.

The “Free Pass” is a certificate issued to suppliers who demonstrate a high level of quality control and compliance with customer requirements. This certificate is an important recognition of the company’s commitment to providing high quality products and services and can be a competitive advantage over other suppliers who have not obtained this type of certification. In addition, “Free Pass” certificates can be used as proof of the quality of the products and services provided by the company, helping to build customer trust and the company’s reputation.